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Immune Aiding Plants

Plants that improve air quality help maintain respiratory health and speed up recovery. In the wake of Covid-19, we're all thinking about ways to boost our immune health. Along with regular exercise, stress management and a good diet, adding plants to your environment can help you stay on track. They can support the immune system in several ways. If you're keen to learn more about how these immune-boosting plants can help, read on below.


How Plants Can Support Your Immune System

In the wake of Covid-19, we're all thinking about ways to boost our immune health. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and stress management have been proven to play a crucial role. Bringing plants to your home can support your body too, especially your immune system. We're not saying plants replace preventative measures, but a few additional immunity boosters won't hurt!

For houseplant newbies, rest assured that there are low maintenance immune boosting varieties for you. When you start seeing how the plant develops, you won't be able to help but feel good about yourself and your bountiful collection. Slowly but surely, you'll understand people's plant obsession: they liven up the interior whilst supporting your wellbeing.

Filtering Toxins From the Air to Improve Respiratory Health

As plants photosynthesise, they do something that is easiest explained as 'breathing'. They take in CO2 and expel Oxygen. When they 'breathe', they can also filter out VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air, which are known to negatively impact our respiratory health and immunity.

Certain plants are particularly skilled at absorbing VOCs, like Calatheas or Snake Plants. The Snake Plant Laurentii is one of the top natural air purifiers we know. It's a tough plant, very easy to care for. Otherwise, we'd recommend any plant that has a lot of foliage. The leaves are where the tiny pores, which act as filters, are embedded.

When it comes to our wellbeing philosophy, Calatheas are just astonishing organisms. Most of them both purify and humidify your air. The Calathea Orbifolia triggers positive cognitive responses, helping us reduce stress whilst heightening focus. With its oval-shaped, lush green leaves, this plant bursts with life and energy.

Boost Your Respiratory Health With Natural Humidifiers

Humidity also plays an important role for your respiratory health. Oftentimes, we're spending a lot of time in rooms whose air is sucked dry through heating or air conditioning. Increasing humidity levels can help your immune system, skin, and airways. There are different ways to increase humidity levels, (tropical) plants being one of them.

With humidity, it's the same as air-purifying: some plants are just better at adding moisture to the air. A beautiful and talented natural humidifier is the Areca Palm. The plant bursts with life and energy, brightening up any room. We carry the palm in 3 different sizes, so you can choose what works best for you and your home.

According to feng shui, the Aralia Fabian brings positive energy into your home. Who wouldn't want some of that in these strange times? This small tree has round, deep green, shiny leaves with compact upward growth. This plant releases about 97% of the water it's been watered with back to the air. This makes it a double win (if you're into feng shui)!

Houseplants for Faster Recovery

Multiple studies have found that patients recover faster if they can see natural settings from their beds. This research indicates that plants improve the body's ability to heal. That's why some experts call for making plants and flowers an integral part of our healing environments. You can use these insights to create an environment at home that restores and revitalises your body.

If you're looking for a plant that you can keep in a dimly lit bedroom, check out our Philodendron Imperial Red. This Philodendron is a unique looking plant with deep green coloured foliage. It promises to bring diversity into your plant collection. Create a restorative sleeping environment with this skilled air purifier.

Some plants are very robust and should be with you for a long time. One of those hardy plants is the Green Sweetheart Plant. With its heart-shaped leaves and trails, it creates a whimsical atmosphere. Put it on the top of a shelf or keep it in a hanging basket. Both are beautiful ways to bring more nature into your home.

Naturally Increase Your Natural Killer Cells

A recent study found evidence for increased natural killer cells in participants who frequently spend time in nature (Tsao et al., 2018). Participants who had little interaction with plants had significantly lower levels of these cells when compared with those who stayed in a natural setting overnight. NK cells are a critical defence mechanism against illness and disease, including viral infections!

Let’s face it, this research is the perfect excuse to add a few more green beauties to your plant collection. (Check out our Plant Subscription Box for a little extra help in creating your green oasis!) All immune boosting plants were carefully selected because of their talent for air purifying and/or humidifying. Go for the plants that foster the atmosphere you'd like to surround yourself with. For example, large, top-heavy plants like the Alocasia Red Secret induce a sense of safety.