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Lowlight plants

Calathea Maui | Calathea 'Maui Queen'Close up of the Calathea Maui's patterned leaves
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Calathea Maui

3 reviews
Lucky Bamboo 'Gold' | Dracaena Sanderiana 'Gold'Lucky Bamboo 'Gold' | Dracaena Sanderiana 'Gold'
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Lucky Bamboo 'Gold'

6 reviews
Philodendron 'Green Princess'Philodendron 'Green Princess'
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Philodendron 'Green Princess'

£19.95 £24.99

Blue Star Fern

Mother-in-Law's Tongue | Sansevieria Futura SuperbaMother-in-Law's Tongue | Sansevieria Futura Superba
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Mother-in-Law's Tongue

1 review
Philodendron Narrow escape in the Sandstorm plant potPhilodendron Narrow Escape shop from  above
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Philodendron 'Narrow Escape'

Parlour Palm Mini - Chamaedorea ElegansParlour Palm Mini - Chamaedorea Elegans
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Parlour Palm Mini

Large Rhapis Excelsa For SaleRhapis excelsa For Sale
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Rhapis Excelsa

Janet Craig | Dracaena FragransJanet Craig | Dracaena Fragrans
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Janet Craig

Large Croton Tamara | Codiaeum Variegatum 'Tamara'Large Croton Tamara | Codiaeum Variegatum 'Tamara'
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Large Croton Tamara

£99.99 £109.00

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