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Hydroponic Clusia Princess | Clusia rosea ‘Princess’
Clusia Princess plant in a class container with water
Detail of the Hydroponic Clusia's roots
Hydroponic Clusia's leaves
Detail of the Hydroponic Clusia

Hydroponic Clusia Princess

Clusia rosea ‘Princess’

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The Hydroponic Clusia Princess is easy to care for and will add an elegant look to your home with its thick rubbery bright green leaves.

My sturdy, dark leaves are noted for their air filtering properties. I won't cause any fuss as I'm easy to care for!

In the wild, they grow next to trees and once they are big enough, they wrap around the tree and plant their roots on the ground towering over the original tree. 

Overall plant height including growing pot: 10 cm

Key Benefits — Purifying  and lightweight 

The Hydroponic Clusia Princess’ dark leaves are noted for their awesome air filtering qualities. 

One of the benefits of growing plants in water is that they will not be as heavy as plants grown in soil. They don’t need bulky heavy pots either! 

How do Hydroponic plants work? 

  • Hydroponics is a Latin word that means“working water.” It is the art of gardening without soil. 
  • Hydroponic plants receive nutrients from the water they are planted in. 
  • They survive better in spring water or rainwater. Tap water is often stripped of the nutrients it needs. 
  • They don’t need to be watered as often as your potted plants as the roots regulate themselves by taking in the hydration when it's needed.
  • The roots regulate themselves by taking in the water when it is needed. 
  • Plants grown in water may take longer to mature but that can be a great benefit for those with limited space! 

How to set it up

  • We’ll send you your Clusia Princess and the glass container. 
  • Insert the plant in the glass and add a small amount of water, covering its roots only. 
  • Leave the top part of the roots free of water so they can breathe. 

How to care for the Hydroponic Clusia Princess

  • Keep topping the water up as it evaporates, make sure the roots are always covered.
  • If the water starts becoming cloudy, rise the roots, empty the glass and add fresh water.  
  • Use collected rainwater or bottled spring water. 
  • Add a few drops of liquid organic fertiliser occasionally. Change the water the next day. The plant will have absorbed all the necessary nutrients and will not sit in too much nourishment for too long (this could damage the roots). 
  • Keep the glass always clean, this will ensure the plant lives longer! 
  • Place the plant in a bright room away from direct sunlight. 

The Hydroponic Clusia Princess Story

Where is it from?

Native to the Caribbean, especially the Bahamas, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Who is the Hydroponic Clusia Princess?

Also known as the Autograph tree due to its tough waxy leaves. It is said you can carve your name into them!

Good For You!

  • Sleep: The Clusia Princess can absorb carbon dioxide at night, improving the quality of sleep. A great plant for the bedroom! 
  • Breathe: The Clusia Princess is great at purifying and humidifying the air, helping maintain your respiratory system’s good health!

Is The Hydroponic Clusia Princess The Right Plant For Me?

Hydroponic plants in general are easy to care for and great for new plant parents. 

Pets: Toxic if eaten, keep me away from nibbly pets.

A beautiful, tough and easygoing plant. Get your Hydroponic Clusia Princess today!