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4 sets of lily grass in a terracota coloured balcony box
4 sets of lily grass in a green coloured balcony box
Four sets of Lily grass in a black balcony box
a terracota coloured balcony box
an empty  green balcony box
An empty black balcony box
4 sets of lily grass wrapped in cellophane in a terracota balcony box
4 sets of lily grass wrapped in cellophane in a green balcony box
4 sets  of Lily grass in a black balcony box
An empty terracota balcony box
an empty  green balcony box
An empty black balcony box

Lily Grass Balcony Box

Liriope muscari

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A selection of Lily grasses, soil and a window box with a detachable hanger

The Lily Grass Balcony Box will give you a Spring feeling even in the colder months! 

Also known as Lilyturf, this plant can tolerate a variety of conditions, it has long blade-like green leaves, and it blooms deep violet flowers in the autumn. Even better; it requires little maintenance! 

Choose from 3 options

Green box

Terracotta box 

Black box

What do you get?

1 x 80cm Plant container made of recycled plastic and a rack with detachable hooks.

1 x Bloombox Club potting mat.

1 x Bag of compact soil.

4 x 20cm Lily grass.  

How to use

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Hook the container over your railing 
  2. Fill it up with the soil and
  3. Add your lovely Lily grasses. 

Plant Care Tips: Lily Grass

The Lily grass is perfect for balconies because it’s a fan or full sun! It will also do well in partial shade. Full shade is also OK, but the plant will produce elongated foliage and spread more slowly. 

  • Water it regularly during the first growing season, once the Lily grass is established it will be very drought tolerant! 
  • Avoid cold drying winds in frost-prone areas
  • To encourage new growth, cut off tired-looking leaves down to the ground in spring.

Box Care Tips: 

Make sure you maintain the box container clean to prevent any problems. You can wash it with a mild detergent and water at the start of the growing season.

Maintaining the Lily grass healthy will help manage the box’s good condition, you can even re-use it for different plants!

The Lily Grass Story

Where is it from?

Native to China, Taiwan and Japan

Who is the Lily Grass?

  • Other nicknames include Big Blue Lilyturf, Monkey Grass  Big Blue and Spider Grass.
  • Member of the Liriope Plant genus 
  • Often used in gardens as a landscaping plant and can provide year-long ground cover! 

Pets: Pet friendly! 

Key Benefits — Feel good and Rebalancing

Adding a little bit of nature to your home can help boost your mood and alleviate the body’s response to stress! 

In addition, plants, in general, are a great way of disconnecting from the turbulences of modern life and slowing down, making us feel more balanced and relaxed. 

If you have little spare time to spend on gardening but want to keep your outdoor space fresh, this balcony box is ideal!