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Corokia cotoneaster ‘Silver Leaf’ | Maori Silver Leaf
Corokia SIlver Leaf with fairy lights on a white and beige pot

Corokia cotoneaster ‘Silver Leaf’

Maori Silver Leaf

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The Corokia cotoneaster ‘SIlver Leaf’ has distinctive silver evergreen leaves that grow from light grey angular branches that grow in zig zags. 

Corokias are part of the Argophyllaceae family are all woody. They can be grown indoors and outdoors and will retain their colour even in the colder months. In the Spring, with the correct care, they can grow tiny star-shaped fragrant yellow blooms and red fruits

A perfect container plant that can also be used for hedges or as a bonsai! 

Growing pot size: 15cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 20-30cm

Key Benefits — Relax and feel confident! 

  • Natural settings can help speed up the recovery from mental fatigue, slow down heart rate, reduce high blood pressure, and lower anxiety.
  • Even the smallest efforts that you make looking after the Corokia cotoneaster ‘Silver Leaf’  will be rewarded with lovely blooms and even fruits. Watching the results of your efforts is a great confidence boost! 

Plant Care Tips: Corokia cotoneaster ‘Silver Leaf’

  • Place the Maori Silver Leaf in a space with bright light but partial shade. Avoid dry cold draughts. Corokias can tolerate cooler temperatures but not for too long
  • Silver Leaf can tolerate moist and dry conditions, just don’t let it stand in water. Let most of the soil dry out before watering again but be careful to not let the plant completely dry out. 
  • Younger plants don’t need to be fertilised, once it reaches its first anniversary, feed it with a standard liquid fertiliser every 2 to 3 months to encourage growth. 
  • These evergreen shrubs require minimal pruning. Trim or lightly cut back shoots that spoil symmetry and deadhead regularly annually after flowering.
  • Younger Corokias can be reported once a year and established ones once every two or three years. Use a well-draining standard potting mix. They can tolerate a wide range of soil PH. 
  • They are best propagated through wood cuttings and planted in a mixture of sand and peat to boost proper growth. 

The Corokia cotoneaster ‘Silver Leaf’ Story

Also known as Korokio or Wire Netting Bush due to its growth habit.

Where is it from?

Native to New Zealand, mostly found in its North and South islands.

Who is the Corokia cotoneaster ‘SIlver Leaf’?

  • The intricate zig-zag branching habit provides protection for its leaves under the bright sun during cold winter days.
  • This plant gets better with age growing fuller and hairier. 

Did you know?

In their native habitat, Corokias have an important ecological role, they provide food for native lizards, bees and birds and even house small animals and insects. 

Is The Corokia cotoneaster ‘Silver Leaf’ The Right Plant For Me?

Maori ‘Silver Leaf’ can be grown as small trees, shrubs or ground for covering plants and are resistant to pests and diseases 

They are a great option for those interested in starting cultivating bonsai trees like Shohin, Kifu or Chuhin.  

Easy to care for and super versatile, this plant is perfect for gardeners of all levels! 

Pets: There are no toxicity reports but the plant is not edible so just in case, keep away from your furry friends. 

How tall does it grow? 6-8 ft in height and 4-6 feet in width. 

*Decorative pots sold separately 

Easy to care for, adaptable and fragrant, what are you waiting for? Get your Corokia cotoneaster ‘Little Leaf’ today! 

Looking for care information?

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