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Maori 'Silver Leaf' (17cm) | Corokia cotoneaster 'Silver Leaf'

Maori 'Silver Leaf' (17cm)

Corokia cotoneaster 'Silver Leaf'

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The Maori 'Silver Leaf' looks delicate yet is a robust plant. The plant's unique silver coloured foliage is reminiscent of wintery scenes, with its leaves appearing to be softly touched with snowflakes.

Native to the southern hemisphere namely New Zealand, Australia and Rapa Iti; Corokia cotoneasters are commonly known as 'wire-netting bush' for the zig-zag patterns in which the branches grow.

This will make a beautiful addition to your plant collection and a suitably festive alternative to a Christmas tree!

Growing pot size: 17cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 18-24cm

Pets: Keep away from nibbly pets

Decorative pot sold separately.