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Peacock Plant | Calathea makoyana
Peacock Plant | Calathea makoyana
Peacock Plant | Calathea makoyana

Peacock Plant

Calathea makoyana

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We're thrilled to introduce this beautiful new Calathea to our collection! The Calathea makoyana is also called Peacock Plant and Calathea Cathedral Window. Each leaf is marked with green-brown patterns and tiny contrasting veins, which run across the underside like delicate geometric tracery. Our Operations Manager likens the Calathea Peacock's leaves to butterfly wings, which is also apt! 

Originating from the rain forests of Central and South America, the Calathea makoyana likes indirect light, warmth and humidity (which can be replicated through misting). It can also transpire and act as a natural humidifier in your home. Plus, the big leaves, covered in tiny pores will trap VOCs in the home.

As with all Calatheas, the Makoyana thrives in bright indirect light and will do best in a room with good humidity. Watch its leaves open and close at dawn and dusk. Plus, it's a mighty air purifier so it'll clean up any nasties from your room too.

Growing pot size: 11cm diameter. 

Pets: Safe :)

Does not include decorative pot.  

Looking for pots?

I fit best in 11cm pots and 12cm pots.

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