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Raven Plant
Zamioculcas Raven
Raven Plant | Zamioculcas Raven
Raven Plant | Zamioculcas Raven- Image 4

Raven Plant

Zamioculcas Raven

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New to the plant world since 2017 is this beautiful and on-trend addition to the Zamioculcas family; Zamioculcas Raven. Its leaves when young  are bright green however mature to the dark and alluring 'raven like' colour in the photo.  This is an extraordinary plant and will easily add a statement to any area of your home.  

My no-fuss nature makes me a good choice for forgetful houseplant owners. But I won't compromise on impressiveness, with my sturdy stems and glossy black leaves.

Botanical name: Zamioculcas Raven

Growing pot size: 17cm diamater, 16cm height

Plant size: Approximately 60-65cm high

Pets: Poisonous if ingested, so keep an eye on pets and kids.

Useful to know:




I could grow as high as one meter (and perhaps slightly larger) but it'll take me a little while to get there.


I am noted for being shade tolerant, but if I am in a room with little (or no) natural light, make sure that I'm under fluorescent lights instead.


Wait until my soil is properly dry before watering me, I am drought tolerant and susceptible to root rot.


I prefer average to warm temperatures, but I can cope with temperatures as low as 8°C.


Give me a weak dose of a liquid fertiliser once a month during the growing season.


Wipe my leaves clean of dust, or feel free to pop in the shower, or out in the rain briefly.


I like to be root bound, so don't worry if I'm busting out of my pot! But you could pot me up during the growing season if you think I'm ready.


As I'm mildly toxic when ingested, it's best to keep me away from pets.


Sometimes they call me ZZ plant sometimes, as I come from Zanzibar!


Does not include decorative pot.