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Detail of Satin Pothos in a white pot
Satin Pothos in a white round plant pot
Satin Potos in a cream coloured pot
Satin Pothos in a pink pot
Satin Pothos in a blue pot
Close up of Satin Pothos variegated leaves
Close up of Satin Pothos variegated leaves
Satin Pothos leaves shot from above

Satin Pothos

Epipremnum Pictum Argyraeus

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Large, heart-shaped satin leaves with white markings make this one of the more beautiful members of the Pothos family. Some people might mistake it for a Sweetheart Philodendron, but this plant has less pointy ends and is variegated with more subtlety. 

A vigorous, easy-to-care-for plant - just keep out of direct sunlight and don't overwater. Great in a hanging pot or just let it trail from a shelf - the trails can grow up to 3m in length!

Growing pot size: 12cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 12-15cm

Key Benefits of Satin Pothos — Reflexion and Purification.

Modern life has given us very little time for reflection with our minds always busy and engaged on something. Observing variegated plants like the Satin Pothos allow us to consider our thoughts without immediate response, which can be extremely beneficial for our wellbeing.

Epipremnums also have great air-purifying qualities and are favourites as oxygenating houseplants. They help keep your home air clean and create a more relaxing atmosphere! 

Plant Care Tips of Satin Pothos

  • Place your Satin Pothos in a bright area away from direct sunlight to prevent scorched leaves. Little light can cause the leaves to lose the variegation. 
  • Keep the soil moist but allow the top inch to dry out between waterings. Make sure there is a good drainage system in place. Mist it often for extra humidity. 
  • The preferred temperatures are between 18 and 29ºC.
  • During the growing season, feed it with a half diluted water-soluble fertiliser. 
  • It’s recommended to repot the Satin Pothos yearly during the growing season. Use all-purpose houseplant potting mix.

The Satin Pothos Story

Also known as the Silver Vine, Silver Cloud and Silk Pothos and Silver Philodendron.

Where is it from?

Epipremnum pictum Argyraeus is native to SouthEast Asia.

Good For You!

  • Relaxing: Plants can help reduce levels of cortisol in our brains relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety 
  • Nurture: Caring for your Satin Pothos will bring you back to a ‘present’ state and can help us care better for ourselves. 

Is The Satin Pothos The Right Plant For Me?

  • The Satin Pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to grow but be aware that this evergreen’s tropical vines are not cold-tolerant. 
  • They are also resistant to low light levels, although they may lose the variegations. 
  • If you make sure to keep it warm and not overwater it, this plant will thrive in any home! 

Pets: Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children.

How tall does it grow? In their natural environment, their trails can grow up to 3 metres in length. 

*Decorative pots sold separately 


A beautiful trailing plant that is easy to care for, ideal for new gardeners! Get yours today!


Useful to know:


Southeast Asia.


My trails can grow as long as 3 metres and I'm fairly fast-growing, so a good choice if you want to add a touch of whimsical drama to your home.


Keep me in a moderately well-lit room; not shady but not in bright light either.


Wait until I'm slightly dry before watering; too much will cause my delicate roots to rot. Consider misting my leaves instead.


I like to be kept warm but can cope with about 15°C for short periods.


Apply a weak general purpose fertiliser during the summer.


If I'm getting too gangly, cut back straggly ends and I should grow more consistently.


I like a little humitidty. If the tips of my leaves are browning, it could be because the room I'm in is too dry. This can be resolved by popping me on top of a tray with damp pebbles.


Keep me away from pets and children.


I'm sometimes called 'Scindapsus pictus Argyraeus'. Pictus means 'painted' and is a reference to my silvery variegation. 

*Decorative pot sold separately.

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