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Pygmy Pineapple, Quartz pot, Peperomia Cap Schumi
Pygmy Pineapple Plant
Wild Interior Plant Bundle
Peperomia Cap Schumi (10cm pot)
Interior Plant Bundle
Wild Interior Bundle - Save 25%
Wild Indoor plant bundle

Wild Interior Bundle

Save 25%

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We've put together some of our most eye-catching plants and pots to help you inject some colour into your home. Wild Interior is a great starter kit for the plant newbie, or a juicy top up for the plant aficionado! Send as a gift or keep it all for yourself. 

Bundle includes: Pygmy Pineapple (12cm pot), Quartz pot, Peperomia Cap Schumi (10cm pot), Carbon pot, Glass Mister, Copper Lights. 

Wild Interior includes Bloombox Club favourite, the Pygmy Pineapple 'Amigo' plant, paired with Quartz Pot Small. This vibrant combination will add a touch of much-needed tropical warmth to your home. 

To add some rich and darker tones to the mix; we've paired the unusual Peperomia Cap Schumi Red plant with the moody matte-finish Carbon Pot Small. Originating in Colombia, this Peperomia has beautifully textured leaves that range from dark burgundy in colour to almost black. Nicely matched with the charcoal-black of the decorative pot. Easy to care for and a gorgeous addition to any room.

Not just plants - we've also included our stylish Glass Mister Bottle. Regular misting of your indoor plants will keep their surrounds humid, replicating their naturally tropical growing environment, and will keep them looking their best.

Finally, top it off with our string of LED-fairy lights. This set has 100 warm-white bulbs, strung on a delicate copper wire. Use these to brighten any room and give this season's festivities, a tropical plant twist.