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The Top Plants to Buy this Autumn - The UK Essential List

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Publisher: Bloombox Club
Bloombox Club


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It’s getting to that time of year and all of a sudden the days are getting shorter and darkness is creeping upon us. Trees turn that burnt yellow, orange and red we all love. It's time to prepare for Winter! So... what plants should you decorate your interiors with? Delve in and discover how to brighten up your space with these gorgeous plants.

Codiaeum variegatum

Codiaeum Variegatum

To start the show, we have chosen the beautiful, Codiaeum variegatum - aka the Extra Large Mrs Iceton Croton. Mrs Iceton Croton has gorgeous, striking variegated leaves like no other plant. If you’re looking to spruce up your space with some classic autumnal colours, then look no further. The gorgeous bright yellow leaves, speckled with deep red and luscious green will brighten up even the gloomiest of days. Place her in a spot with afternoon sun and her leaves will look like they’ve caught fire!

She loves bright indirect light and be careful not to scorch her. She’s a sensitive lady and too much sun can damage the leaves. Lucky for us, there’s no need to worry until the warmer months. If we knew no better, she almost looks like she’s stepped straight out of the Jurassic era! Coming in a 27 cm wide pot and 100 cm tall, this big momma looks great in one of our large basket pots. If you’re strapped for ideas, just take a delve into our wide selection.

Ivy, Wonderful Ivy

Satin Pothos

Following up, Ivy. They’re just one of those plants that are very underrated. However, they’re super easy to look after and grow at a rapid rate. Perfect for all plant parents alike, they grace you with plush green foliage all year round. They can tolerate less than ideal conditions and are perfect for adding to those gloomier looking corners. 

For our autumn collection, there’s no doubt Satin Pothos is top of our list. Trailing up to 3 meters in length, she looks great cascading from a hanging pot or the side of a cabinet. Her gorgeous, silver brushed leaves add that extra dazzle during Autumn months, right through to winter. And if you’re feeling fancy, she looks extra dapper with a set of fairy lights to brighten up your space. However, to keep her striking variegations she prefers plenty of bright indirect light.

Fairy Lights

The Regal Marble Queen Pothos

Following shortly after, the Marble Queen Pothos is not one to forget. She’s one you can ‘set and forget’ and doesn’t require a lot of sunlight or fuss to survive. So if you’re looking to brighten up those dark spaces, she’s your top candidate. Although she’s a slower grower, she can grow up to 3 meters long. She’ll bring that tropical, jungle feel and make any space look more lavish.

Timeless & Wonderful... Succulents and Cacti

Panda Plant

Succulents and cacti are great autumn plants. No matter the weather, they always look great. Plus, they give off that holiday vibe we all miss during the colder months. And if you’re feeling super festive, they look rather dapper decorated with fairy lights! 

Our first pick, the curious-looking Panda Plant. We won’t be surprised if you don’t recognise this one, but he’s one of our favourite succulents! Our fuzzy friend looks like he’s come dressed for winter. He has fleshy, velvety leaves that aren’t just great to look at but super soft too! When it comes to summer,  If you’re looking for a companion that’s easy to care for, the Panda Plant is perfect. Check out our care guide and get to know your plant!

Hisss... It's a Snake Plant! Sansevierias

If you’re looking for low maintenance and resilient housemates, a Sansevieria is the one for you. Known for their gorgeous dappled green sword-like leaves, Snake Plants are a sight to behold. They’re also one of the easiest houseplants and almost death resistant! You can place them pretty much anywhere and they’ll still thrive. And now the days are getting shorter, it’s good to know that these plants don’t need too much light to survive. Just water them once a month and they’ll be perfectly happy sitting in the darkest of corners. 

Sansevieria - The Classics


So what do we have in store for you? Well, we have the classics you might recognise and some rarer, hard-to-find goodies. They come in all different shapes and sizes, little and large. Probably the first on your mind, the Laurentii never fail to impress. Her elegant green leaves boarded with creamy yellow margins look perfect on any shelf or desk. Or maybe the Zeylanica, famous for her gorgeous long green marbled throngs. Perhaps you want a softer looking plant, such as the Cylindrical variety. 

Sansevieria - The Harder-to-Finds

Whale Fin

But what if you like the more unusual looking plants? We have just the thing. Take a look at the Mikado and Whale Fin Snake Plants. Rare and hard to find, these green babies are bound to spark some interesting conversations. So if they’ve caught your interest and want to find out more, read along here.

So hopefully by now, you’re feeling extra ready for those Autumnal months. If you want to feel even more inspired, take a look at all the other plants we have. Little and large, we stock them all. And don’t forget to wrap up extra warm over these next cold months!

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