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Aglaonema Maria
Aglaonema Maria Plant
Maria Chinese Evergreen Plant
‘Maria’ Chinese Evergreen Plant for Sale
Chinese Evergreen ‘Maria’ House Plant
Aglaonema Maria House Plant

Chinese Evergreen ‘Maria’

Aglaonema Maria

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Chinese Evergreens are considered by many as one of the best indoor houseplants.  The Aglaonema Maria variety is not a fussy one, and it will look great in any home or office. 

Its leaves are adorned with beautiful patterns, this tropical plant is perfect for new plant parents. It’s tolerant to low light environments and easy to care for.  

Growing pot size: 12 cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 5-10 cm

Key Benefits — Easy to care for and purifying 

The perfect choice for those who are looking for plants that are hard to kill. Not only is it super easy going but also tolerant to care for mistakes! 

Tropical plants are great natural air purifiers! As part of their photosynthesis, they clean the air, so it's great to have these green friends around! 

Plant Care Tips: Aglaonema Maria

  • It will survive in low to bright indirect light
  • Check if the top 1-2 inches of the soil is dry in between waterings. You will need to water it less in the winter, more in the summer. Do not overwater it to prevent root rot. 
  • The perfect temperature is between 18 and 24ºC. Avoid cold draughts. 
  • It is a tropical plant so, it likes humidity, regular misting will do the trick. 
  • Once a month, during the growing season, it will appreciate feeding with a slow-release fertiliser. 

The  Chinese Evergreen ‘Maria’ Story

Where is it from?

A native of the  Tropics and subtropics of Asia and New Guinea.

Who is the  Chinese Evergreen ‘Maria?

  • A slow grower, it will take its time to outgrow its pot.
  • Compared to other Chinese Evergreens, this one is more compact with wider but shorter leaves

Good For You!

  • Purifying: plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen cleaning the air and purifying your home. 
  • Relaxing: Plants help relax the mind. Taking care of them help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. 

Is The Chinese Evergreen ‘Maria’ The Right Plant For Me?


One of the easiest houseplants to care for out there, it will forgive you if it’s a little neglected and it’s a great start for new plant parents! 

Pets:  Keep away from nibbly pets and children 


How tall does it grow? 

This shortie reaches a maximum of  40 to 50cm when mature. 


If you are a new inexperienced gardener, this plant is easy to care for, the perfect companion this season! Get yours now! 


Looking for care information?

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