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Guiana Chestnut | Pachira Aquatica multistem
Guiana Chestnut leaves detail
Guiana Chestnut | Pachira Aquatica multistem
Guiana Chestnut | Pachira Aquatica multistem

Guiana Chestnut

Pachira Aquatica multistem

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The Guiana Chestnut is a kind of a bonsai, featuring multiple bark stems which produce dense green leaves. 

Growing pot size: 17cm 

Overall plant height including growing pot: 50-60 cm

Key Benefits — Purifying and Calming

  • The Guiana Chestnut is one of those plants that are awesome at purifying the air. Through photosynthesis, tiny pores on their leaves filter toxins that can harm our lungs. 
  • Being around long foliage leaves can reduce stress and elevate our mood making us feel calmer and more in touch with ourselves!

Plant Care Tips: Guiana Chestnut  

An easygoing plant, it only requires watering once every week and a bright environment out of direct sunlight. You can encourage the stems to twist by rotating the plant or using a small bamboo stake. The pachira aquatica multistem is a hardy plant and can thrive for a long time without repotting, so you can wait to size up for years at a time.

The Guiana Chestnut

The Guiana Chestnut is also known as the Provision Tree, Saba Nut, Guiana Chestnut or French Peanut but perhaps, its most famous nickname is shared with its sibling, the Money Tree

Where is it from?

Originally from Central America, especially Mexico and South America.

Good For You!

  • Relax: Being in a natural environment helps relieve mental fatigue. Placing plants in your home is a great way to create a calming place to go back to and relax after a busy day.
  • Sleep: other than helping you to relax, the Guiana Chestnut is a great air purifier, improving, even more, the conditions for a restful sleep. 

Is Guiana Chestnut The Right Plant For Me?

Decorative and easy to care for, we think no one can get it wrong with a Guiana Chestnut! 

If the plant arrives at its new home missing a leave or 2, don’t worry! It’s just trying to adjust to its new surroundings. It will get acclimated in no time!  

Pets: Keep away from nibbly pets

How tall does it grow?  In the wild, it can easily grow to over 60 feet tall. As a houseplant, its measurements are limited to the size of its pot and can grow to around 3 feet until it’s repotted.

*Decorative pots sold separately

Beneficial in all the ways! It looks good and it makes you feel good! Get your Guiana Chestnut today! 

Looking for care information?

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