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Japanese Sago Palm

English name:

Japanese Sago Palm

Latin name:

Cycas Revoluta

About me:

I'm not actually a palm at all, but a Cycad which date back to prehistoric times. I do have a palm-like trunk and feathery fronds.

Useful to know:


I am native to Tropical Asia.


Because of my age I grow super slowly, but I can grow as tall as 80cm in home environments.


I prefer bright, indirect light but I'll tolerate shade - some direct light in the morning or evening is fine. 


Allow the top of my soil to dry out before watering, and water from my base, leaving my crown.


Keep me warm and away from draughts please!


Give me some weak, all-purpose fertiliser during the warmer months, but not too much.


Put me in the sunshine on a warm day or in the bathroom after you've had a steamy shower.


Being a tropical plant, I really like the humidity. Place on a shallow gravel tray filled with water and mist regularly.


Best to keep me away from pets and young children as I am quite toxic.


The family of plants I am in is among the oldest in the world. I was alive at the same time as the dinosaurs, but whatever killed them didn't get me! Click here to buy a similar plant - Waggie Palm Tree.

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