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Floor Plants

Large Monstera Deliciosa Plant - Swiss Cheese in Rustic Weave BasketSwiss Cheese Plant in handmade Weave Basket
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Large Philodendron Green Wonder | Philodendron Goeldii 'Green Wonder' - Bloombox ClubLarge Green Wonder Plant- Verdant Foliage Brings Nature Indoors
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Large Philodendron 'Green Wonder'

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 Due to their size, they're ideal floor plants. We have chosen this edit of expansive Calatheas, bushy Philodendrons and top-heavy trees with your needs in mind. Feel safe, secure and relaxed with these unique varieties known to boost wellbeing. Make sure to scroll down below to get some ideas for which plants to go for.

Inspiration for Your Home

Don’t be intimidated by the size of the plants in this collection! Trust us when we say, no matter your space, you’re sure to find a space where these plants can truly branch out. Floor plants are a great way to bring vitality and harmony into your home. Plus, caring for your plants gives you a bunch of benefits for your health and wellbeing.

When decorating your home, think about the atmosphere you want to create (and live in). Your home is your safe space where you're at liberty to be creative to shape your surroundings. Through their own characteristics, plants will foster a certain energy in your room.

As these large plants are bigger and more mature, they are better at handling changes to their environment. That makes them super easy to care for. Bringing diversity into your plant collection can introduce structure and a remarkable variation of colours. And it gets even better: there can be additional benefits for your wellbeing as you get a sense of safety. (Because your brain identifies the area to be more hospitable.)

Sun-Kissed Spots in Your Living Room

Can you think of anything better than having a space in your home which inspires you everyday? Well that’s what we believe plants can offer you. And if you’re in need of a few pointers to help create the vibe you want, we’ve got you covered. If you get a lot of sun in your living room, you should consider the marvellous Fishtail Palm. This sun-loving plant has fin-like, dark green leaves with striking ridged edges.

Do you wish for prosperity and good fortune? According to Feng Shui, this Money Tree does exactly that! Although we can't promise your bank balance will bloom, we can promise you this tree will be an asset in your home. Its bright green leaves can help you feel healthier and more vital than ever. Or it could be an excellent gift for a friend as it's very easy to care for.

It’s not all about height! We also have some large and bushy plants in this edit. If you give the Philodendron Xanadu the freedom to expand, it will flourish in no time. We offer different sizes, so you don't necessarily need a vast spot for it. The green, long-arrow-shaped foliage gives the plant its distinct character.

Bright but Indirectly Lit Rooms, Like Your Office

If you want to transform your home office into a green haven, then we'd suggest adding a tall floor plant beside your desk. This Swiss Cheese Plant thrives in spots with bright indirect light. Its leaves naturally develop holes. These will definitely draw your attention whenever you're getting lost in your thoughts. Evidence suggests that adding greenery to your workspace can bring physiological and psychological benefits, making you more productive.

Long-lasting plants will grow with you and bring structure into your room. The Rubber Plant 'Robusta' is one of those sturdy and easy-cared-for plants. With a bit of care and in a sunny spot, you'll see it flourish and grow in no time. The glossy, deep green leaves are truly eye catching.

The dining room also tends to have corners with indirect sunlight. Since it's where you get together with friends and family, why not liven it up with a plant or two? The Chinese Money Plant would love to take the spot! It's another low-maintenance companion who is said to bring good luck into your home. Plus, humans find circular shapes calming. Introduce this bundle of positivity into your life (and home)!

More Humid Rooms, Like Your Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the heart of a home. A busy place where you get together to chat and have a cuppa. With the Calathea 'Triostar', you complement this vibrant and lively atmosphere. When it comes to our wellbeing philosophy, this indoor house plant is a true wonder. With their dark red and green foliage, they filter toxins out of the air, which can be good for your physical health.

Do you want to add a tree with bright green leaves to your kitchen? The Dwarf Umbrella Tree could be the one for you! Originally from Taiwan and southern China, it prefers humid spaces with low light. Its leaves fan out in an umbrella-like pattern, which is where it gets its name. It's a low maintenance plant, a fantastic choice no matter how much experience you have with houseplants.

Benefits of Large Indoor Plants for Body & Mind

Plants are a great way to create a homely atmosphere with a connection to the natural environment. Your greenery can also boost your health and wellbeing by helping us feel more relaxed and at ease. Caring for your plants creates a special connection and allows us to explore our nurturing side. Doing so should eventually boost your self-care as well by cultivating that side of yours.

Once you establish a nurturing relationship with your plant, you will also intuitively get a sense for their care. Some floor plants are easy to grow; others might need a little bit more time and attention. Whichever type of plant you're going for, this is for sure: whenever you discover a new leaf, you'll be over the moon! And rightly so! Take this boost and enjoy the sense of pride. You deserve it.

Support Your Physical Health

Tall plants can bring extra benefits to your life and wellbeing. Having more plant surface to work with makes them even better at collecting dust and purifying the air. Doing so supports your respiratory system. One of the best plants for cleaning nasties out of the air is the Kentia Palm. Howea forsteriana's green leaves bring a fresh tropical look into your home whilst being super easy to look after.

If you're experiencing the drying effects of air-conditioning and heating, then consider getting a plant. These effects usually transpire through coughs or dry skin. Certain plants can help support your physical health by increasing humidity levels. Particularly plants that require a bit of occasional misting will be good at this. In this collection, the Kentia Palm and Calathea 'Triostar' would be the best ones to go for. 

Hardwired Responses to Greenery

As humans developed with nature, cues regarding our surroundings have been anchored in our collective subconscious. That's why top-heavy plants give us a feeling of safety and calmness. The exotic Elephant Ear 'Tiger' brings this structure into your very own plant collection. With its broad leaves on its animal-print stems, it arches over its smaller counterparts. Wow-factor guaranteed!

Another evolutionary cue is biodiversity. It signals that an area is habitable and healthy. Well, isn't it the perfect excuse to get even more plants? Different sizes and a range of colours will make us feel even more homely. The Philodendron Imperial Red brings a splash of colours, from dark red to deep green, into your home. With its large leaves, it's also a fantastic dust collector – keeping the particles out of your lungs.