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Anthurium Jungle King
Anthurium Jungle King top
Quail Pot
Anthurium Jungle King with Rex pot
Rex Pot

Jungle King

Anthurium Jungle King with Quail & Rex Pot Large

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The perfect combo to let your indoor Jungle King stand proud!

The Jungle King is an undeniable 'tough guy' of a plant, with visibly protruding roots, which give it a visceral aliveness. Plants with characteristics like this are said to help us feel equally as vital, as they help us feel grounded, and connected to the wider ecosystem around us. We've paired it with the Quail Pot Large and Rex Pot Large; an unusual ceramic pot made of a dark clay and speckled with light blues and syrupy browns. Reminiscent of the delicate quail's egg, propped up by three little feet.

Combo includes: Anthurium ellipticum 'Jungle King' (14cm) with Quail Pot Large & Rex Pot Large

Decorative pot size: 16cm

Overall plant height including decorative pot: 30-35cm

Pets: Harmful to pets