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Stick Yucca | Yucca elephantipes
Stick Yucca | Yucca elephantipes

Stick Yucca

Yucca elephantipes

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The words robust and reliable come to mind when thinking about the Yucca. This ever-popular plant sports bright green leaves and can survive almost anything, even drought. It's pretty easy going when it comes to light too, just try to avoid direct sun or its leaves might go a tad brown.

Growing pot size: 12cm diameter,

Plant size: Approximate height including growing pot 45cm. 

Pets: Can be poisonous if ingested so keep away from nibbly pets.

Decorative pots not included. 

Looking for pots?

I fit best in 12cm pots and 13cm pots.

Looking for care information?

Why not search our Plantcare from A-Z guide and Green Room blog for helpful information, hints and tips.