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7 Reasons You Need Plants In Your Life

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And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Whether we realise it or not, most of us probably come into contact with plants- or plant-derived products- at least a few times during our normal day. Have a read of the article below, and then have a think about what you’ve done today, and you’ll see what I mean!

Clearing our air:

We need oxygen to survive! Plants are kinda amazing, as they absorb carbon dioxide from the air, and replenish that with oxygen. What an importance position the plant takes up in our eco chain. As plants soak in that carbon dioxide, they are also purifying the air, cleansing some of the toxins in your home.

Giving us the feel good factor:

There are so many studies that show an indoor plant by a hospital patient can accelerate the recovery process. Nature can help you to concentrate and be super productive too. Plenty of offices and workplaces are already developing their own green areas.

Re-balancing our technology-filled lives:

Our modern devices can raise the radiation levels present in our homes, so it’s always a good idea to dilute those Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) where you can. Plants can help to soak in those waves. Protect yourself with plants such as cactus or Aloe vera. Aloe can absorb radiation, so placed by a computer it’ll certainly be doing it’s bit!

Helping us to improve our living surroundings:

Plants can help to soften harsh architecture and decor, and also add an injection of colour, and you can switch it around as often as you like too. You can  also change the look of your chosen plant regularly too, by using outer pots and sheaths of varying different materials. There are some super cool outer pots available these days, from slate to denim, so perhaps it’s time to experiment!

Protecting us from nasties:

Why not fight against those summer wasps and flies with a natural remedy, rather than the choking aerosols that are usually used? From Pitcher Plants to Venus Fly Traps, the family of carnivorous plants entice- and catch- their own prey and then digest the pesky insect. No more flies around your summer BBQ’s! Equally, plants such as Scented Leaf Pelargonium can be used on the patio to deter mosquitoes and other flies, thanks to their strong citronella perfumes.

Benefiting our health:

The world of herbs and spices is really quite wonderful, and you can have a lot of fun growing - and using - your own harvests! Parsley, for example, is packed with vitamins and minerals, and can be added to a huge range of meals. Herbs can also be used in a range of teas and tisanes to overcome problems from stomach ache to sore throats.

Helping us to stay beautiful:

A slice of cucumber over the eyes can relax and revive them, and a sprig of parsley can be used to brush teeth, and freshen the mouth. Botanicals benefit a massive range of toiletries, keeping us youthful, happy and feeling our best self!

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