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The Houseplants All Students Should Have

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Publisher: Bloombox Club
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Whether you’re in halls, a shared house or staying at home this year, you should be doing it with plants!

As a team, we’ve pulled together a list of our top plant picks for students. Each plant in our list has been chosen because it has one or more of the following attributes: 

  • An easy-to-care-for nature - in case you go away for a few days. 
  • Good for improving focus - to help restore your mind after a  screen-based cramming session. 
  • Built-in accessories - so no trouble with landlords!
  • Air-purifying capabilities - because anything which ‘automatically cleans’ is a plus, right?

Psst ... students get 20% off when the check out with their uni email & use a valid student discount code!

Here’s why a greener home = better student living:

  1. They’ll make your home feel fresh and vibrant, even if your floor is buried under last night’s outfit or your kitchen sink is full of dishes …
  2. Plants are a great way to make same-y student accommodation your own. So, don’t be that person with the same 3 posters as everyone else - be that guy with the six-foot long Kangaroo Fern!
  3. Having a plant to look after can help with the occasional bout of homesickness or loneliness you may feel at uni.
  4. Evidence suggests that looking after plants, and being amongst nature helps improve focus, and our ability to complete tasks. Good to know for your next last-minute essay crisis, right?

The Best Houseplants for Students

1. Strelitzia nicolai

There’s something in these plants that just makes them shoot up!

The Strelitzia was first brought to the UK in the 18th century, and has remained popular ever since.

Our Strelitzia regina has been cultivated by expert growers, who have perfected its easy-to-care for nature. So no matter how busy you get or how many weekends away you take, this plant won’t let you down.

student with strelitzia

@barbellelle with a super healthy Bloombox Club Strelitzia. Get yours now!

What makes the Strelitzia a good plant for students?

Strelitzias are beautiful, lush and bright green, attributes which are proven to give us a boost, psychologically. 

Plus, their easy-care nature means yours should thrive even if you've got deadlines and socials on your mind. 

2. Focus Bundle

This autumn, we’ve put together a series of high value bundles to help you start the academic year with a bit of serenity.

You can find them all in our Back to School collection of plants, but we thought we’d give a bit of air-time to our Focus Bundle, and explain why we believe there’s a connection between attention and nature.

focus bundle

What makes the Focus Bundle good for students?

Each plant in the Focus Bundle has been specifically selected because they have characteristics associated with attention restoration. Attention restoration theory says that particular aspects of nature help soothe our brains, which tend to be overstimulated by technology.

Whether it’s top-heavy plants that are reminiscent of our ancestral home on the savannah (like the Money Plant), bright green plants that signal healthy abundance (like the ZZ Plant), or fractal pattern plants like the hypnotic Syngonium, the Focus Bundle has all the plants you need to restore your conscious mind.

3. Golden Pothos with Moss Pole 

We hate to say it, but bigger actually is better when it comes to houseplants! Especially if you want to get one statement piece for your new space. If you’re looking for a showstopper, we’d suggest this Large Pothos, which comes with its own moss pole. 

Psst … this plant is also available in our Makeover Bundle, if you want to bag yourself a deal, and instantly transform your room.

focus bundle

What makes the Pothos Plant good for Students?

Pothos are epiphytic plants, which means they grow on the trunks of trees and get most of their nutrients from the air. As such, they are natural climbers, and will shoot up the moss pole, and bring your student room to life, without the need for hooks or any other fancy apparatus!

4. Calathea Network

Calatheas are a beautiful family of plants that originate in the rainforests of South America. There are tens of varieties and sub-varieties of Calathea (possibly even 100s!) and the Calathea Network is only one of them.

We’ve chosen the Network because it’s considered slightly easier to care for than most Calatheas. Nevertheless, it can still be a little fussy as it needs to be kept lightly moist at all times. If you're worried, we recommend trying one of our Bloombox Club misters, which will help boost humidity around your plants.

calathea network

What makes the Calathea Network good for students?

With their expensive leaves, Calatheas are some of the best air-purifiers around. their lush foliage is covered in tiny pores which taken nasty airborne chemicals and release fresh oxygen.

You'll still need to clean your student bedroom, but a few air purifying plants should help you out!

Find more of our top picks for students in our Back To Uni Plants Collection

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