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Indoor Plants

Buy the best indoor house plants online

Calathea Flamestar | Calathea Veitchiana 'Flamestar'Calathea Flamestar | Calathea Veitchiana 'Flamestar'
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Calathea Flamestar

1 review
Calathea 'Ornata' | Calathea OrnataCalathea 'Ornata' | Calathea Ornata
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Calathea 'Ornata'

1 review
Calathea Maui | Calathea 'Maui Queen'Close up of the Calathea Maui's patterned leaves
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Calathea Maui

3 reviews
Parlour Palm Mini - Chamaedorea ElegansParlour Palm Mini - Chamaedorea Elegans
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Parlour Palm Mini

Calathea Medallion | Calathea Roseopicta 'Medallion'Calathea Medallion | Calathea Roseopicta 'Medallion'
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Calathea Medallion

3 reviews
Watermelon Peperomia | Peperomia ArgyreiaWatermelon Peperomia | Peperomia Argyreia
New in!
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Watermelon Peperomia

Fishbone Cactus | Epiphyllum AnguligerFishbone Cactus | Epiphyllum Anguliger
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Fishbone Cactus

4 reviews

Blue Star Fern

Boston Fern | Nephrolepis exaltata 'Green Lady'Boston Fern | Nephrolepis exaltata 'Green Lady'
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Boston Fern

Calathea Bluegrass | Calathea Rufibarba 'Blue Grass'Calathea Bluegrass | Calathea Rufibarba 'Blue Grass'
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Calathea Bluegrass

2 reviews

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Purpose Of Indoor Plants

Looking to buy indoor plants online? Well, your search ends here! Bloombox Club has been shipping healthy houseplants directly from growers since 2016. Over just a few years, we've made over hundreds of thousands of people happy with unusual indoor plants to suit all home environments.

Our indoor plant catalog, just like your plants, continues to grow! So please do check back in frequently to find out what’s new before buying a plant. We’ve got potted plants in different sizes, a variety of terrariums, and even hanging plants. If you’re going to buy indoor plants online, surely you’ll want to take a gander at our garden!


Indoor plants are great as there are numerous benefits of houseplants! Aside from decorating your living spaces, they can also provide you with some fresh, clean air. Get big ones to make a statement or get tiny ones to decorate tabletops and counters. 

Whether you're looking for a plant for a bathroom with lots of sunlight or a bedroom with little sunlight, we'll deliver your plants to you without the fuss.

What are Indoor Plants?

Common house plants, such as ferns, orchids, and snake plants are indoor plants. Any plant that can thrive indoors can actually be classified as an indoor plant. They don’t always need bright, direct sunlight to grow.

Speaking of growth, indoor plants also don’t tend to overgrow their spaces. They won’t necessarily turn out to be huge potted plants if you don’t want to. That’s why they do need trimming and pruning - take note that applies to some more than others.

If you don’t like high-maintenance plants, there are tons out there! Some are pretty chill and just need weekly checks to make sure they’re still thriving. If you like a challenge, then there’s more out there for you if you choose to seek them.

One thing to note about indoor plants is that some of them may be harmful to kids and even pets. The great thing about shopping at Bloombox Club is that we’ve taken the liberty of indicating any potential toxicity level on the product pages!

How To Grow Indoor Plants?

To simplify plant care, all you need to do is water plants as needed, groom your green friends, and give them as much light as needed. 

Placing all your similar indoor plants in one area could be ideal. If you know that all your bedroom plants only need watering once a week, then you can save time! Areas with convenient access to water, like the kitchen, can be an area for plants that need frequent watering!

Grooming your plants just means going in and snipping off dead or burnt leaves. It also means clearing the topsoil from any dead bugs or fallen leaves, if any. Some plants require more grooming than others so do consider that before getting an indoor house plant! If you do happen to notice your plant outgrowing its home - i.e. its pot, you may need to repot your indoor plant to a bigger space.

A lot of indoor plants online require indirect sunlight. Usually, they don’t need to be kept outdoors on the patio just to get the light they need. But not all indoor plants have the same needs so it’s always best to do a little research on your own when you get one.

Most Popular House Plants and Buying Tips

Chinese Money Plant

This pet-friendly plant is given its name because of its coin-shaped leaves. It’s quite popular because it is beautiful to look at, but easy to care for - even for budding plant parents!

If you’re looking to buy indoor plants such as this one, you do need a bit of luck. This indoor plant is somewhat rare. So, if you happen across one, do consider getting it!

Aloe Vera

The Aloe vera is a neat little common house plant that’s easy to care for. It’s very recognizable and a perfect example of a decorative plant. It does need some direct sunlight per day, so consider placing it by a window and let it soak up that sun for a few hours.

Take advantage of the many kinds of Aloe vera options to choose from. A lot of stores carry this plant, so you have time to choose one that speaks to you the most.

Snake Plant Laurentii

When you ask veteran houseplant owners for a beginner plant, they’d most likely point out the snake plant. It’s actually not just a big, green, leafy plant that looks great. It’s actually loved for its air-purifying capabilities as well. 

Buying indoor plants like snake plants should be simple and straightforward. But what you should be looking for is a snake plant that has lush, green leaves. If you notice the leaves to be pale, maybe don’t get that particular one because it may be a sign that the plant isn’t flourishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I buy indoor plants, what should I consider?

Well, first thing’s first is to consider if you have the time to care for them! If you don’t have much time to spare, get a plant that’s low-maintenance.

The next thing to consider is where you’ll be placing the indoor plants! You have to make space for the plants you’ll be bringing home. Messy spaces could block some direct or indirect light.

Next up, consider pets and children! Do you have them? If so, maybe get a non-toxic indoor plant. We could also circle back to having the proper space for them. If you’ve set your sights on an indoor plant that may not be safe for the little ones, keep them somewhere hard to reach.

Which Indoor Plant Lives The Longest?

You’ll see succulents popping up every now and then here at Bloombox, and that’s because they tick a lot of boxes - and one of those boxes is that they live long lives (some were recorded to live for a hundred years)! Plus, they’re easy to care for.

Some swear by the soak and dry method when caring for succulents. That’s when you soak the soil with water and only water when the soil dries. Also, it’s quite easy to tell if your succulents need water. Their leaves shrivel up when they’re thirsty!

Which Are The Most Low Maintenance Indoor Plant?

High up on the list of low-maintenance plants are snake plants, cactus, and aloe - two of which are succulents. Like we said earlier, succulents just tick a lot of boxes! When you buy indoor plants like succulents, you can also consider their size.

There are tons of succulents that you can get for your home. Most likely, you’ll come across small ones that can sit by your windowsill or on your table. But, you can also get bigger ones. There’s no shortage of options when getting his indoor plant.

Which Is The Quickest Growing Plant?

As far as indoor plants go, the fern, ivy, and philodendron are a few of the fastest-growing plants. Do remember that if you got your indoor plant at a young age, it may outgrow its original pot. If you plan on propagating house plants, especially fast-growing ones, best to have ample space to begin with. As for the slow-growers out there, those could potentially stay in the same pot for years! 

Another indoor plant that grows quickly when properly cared for is the pothos. You might love seeing its leaves flourish and crawl as they grow. You could place it atop a bookshelf and marvel at its beauty or hang the plant to let the leaves hang out.

What indoor plant is ideal for the bedroom?

The aloe plant has been raved for being a great bedroom plant. It provides fresh, clean air while you sleep. Also, it doesn’t need that much care and can survive a week or two without water in most cases.

The philodendron is another great indoor plant that can happily sit in the bedroom. It can help purify the air using its glossy leaves - dirt and dust particles stick to them! While that’s all good for you, you need to do the philodendron a favour by siping off its dirty leaves every so often… a very small price to pay for clean air if you ask us!

Which Fertiliser Is Best For Indoor Plants?

Well, organic is best! Yes, you can find synthetic fertiliser for indoor plants and those aren’t ideal especially when you’ve got pets and children that could potentially paw at your plants.

The best fertiliser also depends on the plants you keep. For now, there are three kinds you can get and they are liquid fertilisers, slow-release fertilisers, and granular fertilisers. Small, potted plants benefit best from slow-release fertilisers. Granular fertilisers are better for repotting or propagating. The slow-release fertilisers are best for more seasoned plant parents as you have to be mindful of when to fertilise your plants.