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Cordyline Glauca plant with paddle shaped green leaves
COrdyline Glauca in a beige and black monochromatic basket
Cordyline Glauca in a blue plant pot
COrdyline Glauca in a brown and beige basket with handles
Detail of the Cordyline Galuca's leaves
Detail of the Cordyline Glauca's stems
Detail of the Cordyline Glauca's leaves

Cordyline "Glauca"

Cordyline fruticosa "Glauca"

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The gorgeous Cordyline fruticosa "Glauca" will bring your home to life with its vibrant foliage. Each leaf is coloured a lively green and it has an upright growth habit. These plants are reasonably easy to care for, so they're a great choice for budding plant lovers and the super green-fingered.

Growing pot size: 19cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 35cm

Key Benefits — Purifying and Humidifying 

Plants like the Cordyline Rumba clean volatile organic compounds from the air and convert carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe. 

If you mist the plant enough, it will transpire helping humidify the air and relieving complaints related to respiratory issues and skin sensitivities. 

Plant Care Tips: Cordyline "Glauca" 

  • Find your plant a spot in a bright room away from direct sunlight. They can also tolerate lower light conditions but this may slow their growing process.
  • These Cordylines don't need a lot of water. Check that the top of the soil has dried out (about an inch below the surface) between waterings.
  • To water plants properly, take the plant out of its decorative pot and give it a drink in the sink, allowing the water to drain completely before returning the plant to its pot. You should never let this plant dry out completely or sit in water.
  • You can mist your plants every week to maintain humidity levels and don't panic if you notice the older leaves turning brown, this is part of the normal growing process. Feel free to remove them to keep your plant looking tidy.
  • Cordylines prefer mild temperatures, ideally between 15 and 25ºC
  • Every Spring, check if the plant has become root bound, if so, it’s time to reppot it. Use a rich, well-draining soil mix. 
  • During the warmer months, feed it once a month with weak liquid fertiliser.  

The Cordyline Glauca Story

Also known as Good Luck Plant and Green Ti Plant

Where is it from?

Native to SouthEast Asia and the Western Pacific Ocean region.

Who is the Cordyline "Glauca"?

In its natural habitat, the Cordyline Glauca can produce long panicles of small scented yellowish to red flowers that mature into red berries. However, this is very rare to happen indoors. 

Good for you!

  • Feel happy!: There have been documents showing that life around houseplants has reduced people’s feelings of stress, anger, fatigue and depression! 
  • Concentration: Researches have shown that houseplants with stimulating colours can improve concentration, productivity and boost memory!

Is The Cordyline "Glauca" The Right Plant For Me?

The secret is in the water; if you get it right, you’ll have a healthy leafy plant for a long time! Watch it closely for signs of discolouration, this could mean it needs a bit extra attention. 

Toxicity: Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children.  

*Decorative pots sold separately 

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