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Vriesea Red Chestnut | Vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut'
Vriesea Red Chestnut | Vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut'
Vriesea Red Chestnut | Vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut'

Vriesea Red Chestnut

Vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut'

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Keen plant parents might spot that this is a Bromeliad because of the concentration of foliage around a central bud or hollow, but it's the Red Chestnut's foliage, and not its short-lived flower that makes it such an appealing plant. The Chestnut's fronds are a deep green initially, then as the it matures, they deepen into a rich maroon colour. Each frond is marked by creamy white lines, which are textured rather than clean-cut. 

I'm a South American bromeliad, prized for my warm, patterned foliage. My curved fronds come out green but deepen into a rich maroon (or chestnut) colour. Each one is marked by a soft-edged creamy line. 

The Vriesea genus can be found across Central America and the Caribbean. It was first documented by Dutch botanist and explorer Willem Hendrik de Vriese, after whom the genus is named. 

Growing Pot dimensions: 12cm diameter x 11cm height

Pets: not safe

Useful to know:


Red Chestnut is native to southern and central America.


I grow slowly and can eventually reach around 30cms in height.


I do not like direct sunlight as this could burn my leaves. Keep me in indirect light: if I don't get enough light, the patterns on my leaves will fade.


I draw nutrients and moisture from my central well, and not through my roots, which are only there to keep me in place.


I am not very fussy but keep me in a room above 12°C, please.


During the growing (April till October) feed me once a month using a diluted, acidic fertiliser.


I don't have a super long life but I will produce pups easily. When these are 10-15cm high, you can repot them by gently pulling them out of the soil and cutting cleanly where necessary. 1/2 potting soil; 1/2 orchid bark is ideal.


I am fairly temperature tolerant but keep me away from strong draughts


I am not toxic, so should be safe around pets and children, but that doesn't mean eat me up!


I am an epiphyte (I grow on other plants without harming them).


*Decorative pot sold separately.